Policies & Dress Code

General Rules

  • To view Hillsdale Dress Regulations, click here.
  • The voucher system is employed for all Club services.
  • NO MEMBER MAY PERSONALLY REPRIMAND ANY EMPLOYEE. Complaints pertaining to employees are to be made in writing directly to the office.
  • The Club and its staff shall not be responsible to members, their families or guests for the loss, theft or damage to personal effects or golf equipment. Members are asked to carry their own insurance to cover possible loss.
  • Members will be held responsible for damages to Club property.
  • Pets are not permitted on Club property.

Grievance and Rules Enforcement Committee

This committee is under the chairmanship of a Past President. Its function is to deal with the violation of rules. It is empowered to recommend suspension or removal of privileges by offenders to the Board of Directors for approval.

  • Should a Club employee find it necessary to draw attention to a member’s infringement of a rule, such member shall at once conform to the rule. Refusal to do so shall be reported to the Grievance and Rules Enforcement Committee.

Rule regarding mobile phones

  • Members are PERMITTED to speak on their cellular telephones in the following areas only:
    • On the golf course;
    • In the Men’s and Ladies’ locker rooms;
    • In the pool area;
    • In the parking lot.
  • Members may NOT speak on their cellular telephones anywhere else on Club property.
  • Mobile phones must be in “silent” or “vibrate” mode at all times.
  • A member’s mobile phone privileges may be revoked if they are not used respectfully, or if they slow pace of play on the golf course.

Pace of Play

  • If a group fails to keep its pace on the course (including tournament matches), the Marshal may ask the players to speed up play.
  • If the Marshal has to intervene a second time, the players must pick up their balls and advance to the next hole.  This has been adapted in Section 1 of the Rules of Golf and thus is not a matter of courtesy, but is mandatory.
  • In the event that a group is waved through by players in front, that group has the obligation to play through without delay.
  • Players should play “ready-to-hit golf”, putt continuously when possible and use electric carts properly.

General Golf Rules

  • Playing in more than foursomes is prohibited.
  • Practicing to and on regular greens is prohibited.
  • Under no circumstances shall any player “cut in” on any hole.
  • No golfer shall play until the match ahead is out of range.
  • Bunker rakes should be left OUTSIDE the bunker.
  • Players should replace all divots, repair ball marks on greens and repair tee areas. Click here to watch a video showing how to maintain a golf course.

Dress Regulations

All members and their guests are required to conform to the dress regulations outlined below. Management reserves the right to define ‘appropriate’ attire.

Club Property and Clubhouse

  • Grill Room, Grill Room Terrace, Lounge Upstairs Dining Room and Lounge.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Men may only wear hats or visors on the Grill Room Terrace, and hats and visors may only be worn with the peaks facing forward.
  • The following attire is prohibited : Exposed bathing attire, strapless and tank tops, jogging suits, sweat pants, rugby pants, cargo shorts, jeans or pants that are ripped, torn or that management deems to be unsightly, t-shirts that are ripped, torn or that management deems to be unsightly.
  • In addition, when specified for certain events in the Upstairs Dining Room, shorts, jeans and cargo pants are prohibited.


Golf Course and all practice areas

Men and Women

  • Hats, visors and caps may not be worn flipped up nor backwards.
  • No garments, hats or visors with advertising words or logos – except for charitable institutions, golf clubs and manufacturers of golf club equipment.
  • Running shoes or sandals are not accepted
  • Soft spikes are mandatory.
  • Jean shorts, tennis length shorts, bicycle shorts, jogging suits, sweat pants, cargo pants/shorts, blue denim jeans or rugby pants and bathing attire are not permitted.
  • No sandals, Crocs, flip-flops or boots may be worn at any of the practice areas or on the golf course.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.


  • Golf shirts must have a collar and be tucked into slacks with a belt. Polo collars or visible mock neck golf shirts with sleeves are acceptable. All shirts must be tucked into pants.
  • T-shirts, jeans, rugby, cargo or jogging pants or shorts and sport suits are not permitted.
  • Bermuda shorts are permitted but must be worn with athletic-length socks. Golf shorts (no more than 3 inches above the knee) are permitted.


  • Shirts with a collar with or without sleeves are permitted. Any collarless shirt or V-neckline shirt must have sleeves.
  • Adjusted shirts can be worn outside pants, skirts and Bermuda shorts, but must cover the hips without falling under the buttocks and may not reveal skin when swinging.
  • Pants, skirts, culottes, shorts at a maximum of three (3) inches over the knee, as well as warm up suit and proper rain attire are permitted.
  • Tennis length shorts, short shorts, Spandex shorts, miniskirts, tights, leggings, yoga pants, unsightly jeans, tanks tops, halter tops and strapless tops are not permitted.