Hillsdale started from a group of dedicated men who shared a dream and had the determination to turn their vision into a reality. Coupled with more than 300 applications for membership, they laid the foundation for Hillsdale Golf and Country Club. Sainte-Thérèse was chosen as the site that best suited Hillsdale’s goals along with great faith put into the rumours of a super highway that was to be built to the north country. Hillsdale was granted a charter in July 1953 and, although there were many challenges along the way, its charter members played golf on the newly completed Laurentien course in September 1954, just fourteen months later. The official opening of the completed golf course and clubhouse took place in June 1955.

Hillsdale blossomed and earned a reputation and a place in the golfing community which it continues to uphold. More than 60 years later, its physical attributes have been altered considerably. Today members enjoy two magnificent golf courses with state of the art watering and drainage systems and a newly renovated clubhouse that caters to their every need. However, the essence of Hillsdale remains unchanged. The standard of excellence set by our founders is still our primary goal.